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Accident is a form of insurance coverage that protects you financially in case of an accident. If an incident occurs, accident insurance will usually cover you as a lump sum amount to remove the burden of medical bills and other expenses related to your injury.

7 reasons to buy accident insurance

Accident insurance can provide you financial security in case of accident injury. Some reasons to consider this form of coverage include:

Cover additional expenses due to an injury. It may include the cost of rehabilitation and not covered by your health insurance.

Generally no medical underwriting is required to remove standalone coverage. This is a viable option for those applicants, who had earlier refused to provide life insurance.

peace of mind. If you have many hobbies and are physically active throughout the year, additional coverage can be beneficial in case of an accident.

reduced cost. Based on factors such as where you live, your age and how much coverage you have, a policy can be as much as $ 15 per month.

You do not have savings. If you have an accident, which is unable to do your work, your policy may compensate the financial assistant out of work.

You want to stay safe till you retire. You can choose length of different periods which can cover you till you are ready to retire, so you do not have to reach your retirement savings and investment ahead of time.

You are self employed or employed on a casual or contract basis: If you are employed yourself, then you may not have a sick leave. If you are unable to work, in this situation, accident insurance can protect your finances.

What are the benefits of taking accident insurance?

With such a policy you can get many other benefits:

Premium tax deductible The premium paid by you can be made as a deduction at the time of making a claim till you pay the total cost of the premium from the pocket.

Choose how your profits are paid: You can get your profits as a one-time payment, which may be to help advance medical expenses or your profit as a monthly income To pay for living expenses, be paid to pay.

Disability Benefit: Most personal accident insurance policies will include a benefit payment for disability. For example, if you have loss of speech, hearing, sight or use of a hand or leg, you are considered eligible for total and permanent disability benefits.

Associated accident costs: It includes several casual costs, and a personal accident insurance policy cover, consulting, rehabilitation, clothing or personal property, by providing a benefit payment to cover the cost of any damage and any specialist transport costs May be. Get you to the hospital

When I make a claim, how can I ensure that I have covered?

Before signing up for the policy, follow these important steps:

Cover the complete list of injuries and accidents. If it is not listed, it will not be covered.
Uncover your medical history and work information. If you do not disclose, then you may be later denied for the claim.

Understand that it can interfere with your workplace coverage. If you are entitled to workers’ compensation, then some policies will not be paid.

When i am not covered?

Personal accident insurance is usually not covered:

Injuries that have been inflicted on themselves
Accidents due to pre-illness
Hazardous behavior
Injury effect
When you can not expect unexpected, you can prepare for the worst by protecting yourself and your income with accident insurance. Apart from this, even if you are not the worst, you still be rewarded with peace of mind and tax deductible premiums.

Why can my claim be rejected?

Some reasons for the denial of claims may include:

Pre-existing medical condition or injury Many policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions and injuries.
Accurate injury or illness is not covered. Most policies will have a defined list of injuries and diseases which they will cover.

non disclosure. If the applicants are not present for the situation or injury already (even if it is covered) or for a business, the claims can be denied.

Injuries to the workplace. While accident insurance will cover workplace accidents, claims can be rejected on some policies if you are entitled to compensation from the workplace.

Who can consider personal accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance can benefit many people of many businesses. Contains:

Volunteer. If they are unable to comply with their duties, then volunteer workers can gain access to personal accident insurance.
children. If there is a serious injury outside your home then accident insurance for your children can protect them. Knowing that your child is safe and you are not out of pocket for everyone, this can give you peace of mind.

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